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When fire and water damage your home, you want a company you can trust for quality restorations. As an IICRC-certified restoration company, American Fire and Water Restoration is here to help. If you suffer from flooding, water damage, sewer line backup, or smoke and odor damage in Wadsworth, IL, don’t wait another minute to begin the restoration process. We have the training and expertise needed to restore your home or office to pre-loss conditions in a safe and efficient manner.

Home Restoration in Wadsworth, IL

We understand how stressful floods, fires, and other disasters can be. That’s why it’s our goal to minimize the hassle that comes with restoration. American Fire and Water Restoration disaster cleanup and restoration services in Wadsworth, IL, are available 24/7/365. Disasters don’t always wait to strike, and you shouldn’t wait to get your home restored. As soon as we receive your emergency call, our technicians will arrive promptly onsite in marked company trucks, ready to clean up and address any damage your property sustained.

Water Damage Restoration in Wadsworth, IL

Water damage is an unfortunate reality for many properties. Even with all the proper precautions taken, water can still flood your home or office and ruin your day. Everything from burst frozen pipes to overflowing storm drains can leave your property worse for wear. But no matter what the source of damage is, you can trust our reliable water damage restoration service to repair your property.

The Wadsworth, IL, Flood Cleanup Process

At American Fire and Water Restoration, we begin our water restoration services by removing all the standing water in your home or office. This is necessary to make sure the water doesn’t further damage your property. After the area is cleared to work, we’ll dry and sanitize the affected rooms. Part of this process consists of removing damaged items and either disposing of them properly or helping you restore them to their original condition. We’ll then go through and perform vital repairs to your property’s structural integrity to ensure a safe living or working environment.

Sewage Backup Cleanup in Wadsworth, IL

Sewage backups are particularly dangerous because of the chemicals and hazardous waste in the water. Even if the damage doesn’t look bad on the surface, it can still pose a threat to your health. At American Fire and Water Restoration, our technicians are fully trained to handle sewage waste and equipped with all the necessary safety equipment to keep everyone healthy during restoration. If your property suffered a sewage backup recently, don’t try to fix it on your own. Improper handling of sewage waste can lead to infections and illnesses. Instead, reach out to the professionals to ensure a safe and efficient cleanup for your Wadsworth, IL, home or office.

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Fire Damage Restoration in Wadsworth, IL

Fires can be frightening situations, and the damage they leave behind can be stressful to deal with. At American Fire and Water Restoration, we take pride in helping homes and businesses get quality restoration in Wadsworth, IL. But fire restoration isn’t just about cleaning up the obvious, visible damage caused by the flames. 

Wadsworth, IL, Smoke Damage and Odor Restoration

Smoke damage can ruin your belongings and leave a lingering odor that’s impossible to ignore and can be hazardous to your health. That’s why we make sure to focus our fire damage restoration services on eliminating tricky smoke odors to leave your home or office feeling fresh and healthy once more.

Residential and Commercial Restoration and Consulting in Wadsworth, IL

Disasters tend to strike without warning, and we understand how easy it is to feel overwhelmed by the aftermath. That’s why at American Fire and Water Restoration, we work tirelessly around the clock to help get your home or office back to better than pre-loss conditions. As part of our disaster response services in Wadsworth, IL, we offer full-service property damage consulting.

Our restoration consulting includes:

  • A full inspection and assessment of the damage
  • An accurate quote for the cost of repairs with breakdowns for each item
  • Assistance setting up and filing a claim with your insurance company to recoup the costs of restoration

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When your property suffers damage dur to water, fire, or the weather, trust American Fire and Water Restoration to help. We understand how frustrating home and office repairs can be, and we work hard to keep your needs at the forefront in any situation. If your Wadsworth, IL, property needs restoration, call us today at 847-514-9305 for a quick and efficient response. Our trained and certified fire and water restoration technicians are standing by, ready to jump in anytime, day or night, to help get your commercial or residential property back to its pre-loss condition.

By working together, we hope to help bring your property back to pre-loss conditions as soon as possible.

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