What Happens When a Pipe Bursts

Pipes can burst and make a massive mess. Burst pipes can sometimes be difficult to prevent because many pipes are out of sight and can burst without anyone knowing. Pipes get old and crack, and cold weather can freeze pipes. If the potential of a pipe bursting worries you, it is time to take some precautions. Here are a few things that can happen when a pipe bursts.

Frozen Pipes

In the winter months, pipes bursting from freezing is a big concern. Poorly or non-insulated pipes are vulnerable in the winter months, especially if any of these pipes are exposed to outside temperatures. Once a pipe bursts, all the water running through it will fill the area that it is falling into. That unwanted water will cause damage. To keep the water in the pipes and moving it is important to properly insulate all of your piping. This will mean different things depending on where you live. Make sure the pipe insulating you use is appropriate for how cold it gets where you live.

Old Pipes

Older homes also run the risk of housing pipes that have passed their prime years. Old pipes are vulnerable to rust, cracks, and dysfunctional seals. All of these vulnerabilities can leave you with pipes bursting. The easiest way to avoid old pipes giving out is to maintain your pipes through proper insulation and replacing pipes that look like they might burst. Wear and tear will weaken pipes and the seals that connect them. In older homes, this is more likely. Being aware of the potential breakage and maintaining your pipes can prevent water damage.


Once a pipe has burst, flooding is inevitable. The water that is supposed to be running through the pipe to its proper destination will pour out into whatever area the burst took place. It will continue to fill the space until the water is turned off. This flooding can cause real damage to your home. Water damage can affect the structure of your home, flooring, walls, and personal belongings, and it can cause mold. Depending on how long the burst pipe goes undetected and where the flooding happens, the damage can be overwhelming. Once flooding has started, it is time to call in a professional restoration team to take care of the damage.

When pipes burst, there is no way around having water damage. It is important to call a quick response restoration team because the water could have damaged the structure of your home. Professionals also have the proper equipment and knowledge to deal with your flooding safely and efficiently. Of course, preventing a pipe from bursting is the best method of handling this problem but it isn’t always possible. For the times when a pipe isn’t prevented from bursting, American Fire and Water Restoration is here to help. We can be on site to help you with your burst pipe within 90 minutes. When a pipe bursts, give us a call at (847) 514-9305.