What Information Should You Save For Insurance

What Information Should You Save For Insurance

When you experience water or fire damage to your home, you should be prepared to file an insurance claim. The process might be more manageable if you prepare before a disaster occurs. When you file your insurance claim, there are a few things you will need. For insurance purposes, you will want to save the following items: photos, recorded conversations, receipts, witness statements.


One of the first things you should do after fire or water damage is to take pictures of the damage. Make sure that your photos are clear and have good lighting. You should also try to get shots from as many different angles as you can. Also, it might be helpful to capture a video as well. Additionally, if you have any photos of your property before the damage occurred, these might also be helpful. They will give you a chance to show your insurance company how significant the damage really is.

Keep Records of Your Conversations

It is always a good idea to have recordings of anyone you speak to regarding your home after any damage has occurred. This will help during the home restoration process. Don’t stress; this is easier to do than you think. For instance, you can simply take detailed notes of any conversations you have over the phone. Make sure to include what you were talking about and who you were speaking with. If you have contacted or have been contacted by anyone through email, all you must do is print out the email.

Receipts of Expenses

If the damage to your home is severe, most likely you will have to find somewhere safe for you and your family to stay until the completion of the home restoration process. You want to make sure to keep track of any hotel or rental costs. Additionally, you should also keep the receipts for your other expenses, such as food and clothing. Also, make sure that you don’t pay cash for anything after your home is damaged. Using a credit or debit card will leave a paper trail which is exactly what you want. You can easily print these for insurance purposes.

Witness Statement

Having a statement from a witness that was present at the time that the damage occurred may be beneficial to your insurance claim. Try asking your neighbors if they saw what happened. They might be willing to write a statement for you if they did. This can help you by proving to your insurance company that you aren’t exaggerating the damage or sequence of events as they occurred.


Filing an insurance claim for home restoration can be an overwhelming process. It’s important to know what to do in case of fire or water damage. This will save you time and make the insurance process easier for you and your family. When it comes to your insurance claim, there are several things you will need. You should keep track of all your receipts after the damage and also make sure to take detailed photos of your property. To learn more about home restoration, visit American Fire and Water Restoration now.