Fire Damage

The Benefits of Fire Damage Restoration

A fire can be extremely damaging to your home, family and everyday life. Restoring the damage that a fire causes can be expensive and time-consuming, which is one of the reasons why you should hire a professional fire restoration company. Here are some benefits of fire damage restoration:

Professional Service

When you hire an expert for fire damage restoration, professionals will assess the damage, take tests, give you essential advice and begin the process without any delay. Experts have experience in the restoration of homes and buildings after fire damage. Additionally, an experienced fire restoration professional can provide a wide variety of services.


A fire damage restoration expert has all the tools and equipment need to successfully complete the job. This can include scrubbers, air movers and dehumidifiers, which are all used during the restoration process. Experts use additional equipment for debris and soot removal, damage appraisal, water removal, and deep cleaning. All of the tools that professionals use can restore the damage that a fire causes.

Save Time and Money

If you decide to restore your home yourself, it can be expensive and extremely time-consuming. However, when you hire a professional for your fire damage restoration, you will be able to save time and money. Experts work on a schedule and use tools that make the task easier and quicker. Additionally, you won’t have to spend all the extra money on renting tools and equipment.

Removal of Smoke and Residue

An important part of fire damage restoration is the removal of odors that smoke can cause. Professionals will be able to remove soot, repair damage caused by soot, and get rid of the smell of smoke. In addition to removing the smells, experts will be able to clean any of your personal items that were not damaged by the fire.

Peace of Mind

If you have a concern about the job getting done right, you should consider hiring a professional fire damage restoration company. You will have some peace of mind because you know that a team of restoration professionals is there to get the job done for you. A restoration company will be able to remove any sign that there was ever a fire at your home.


There are many benefits of fire damage restoration, including the removal of the smell of smoke and soot residue. Additionally, you can relax and have a little peace of mind because you know that the task is being taken care of by a team of experts. You will also be able to save time and money when you allow a fire damage restoration company to do the job for you. To learn more about fire damage restoration, visit American Fire and Water Restoration.

When To Call A Restoration Company

When to Call A Restoration Company

When something goes wrong in your home, the sooner you call a restoration company, the better. Waiting even a few hours after the damage occurs can make matters worse. A restoration company can prevent further damage and restore the property that has already been affected.

Water Damage

No matter what causes it, water damage quickly allows water to gather in small spaces of your home. That water can seep into wood and other materials, causing mold and mildew to grow. It only takes a day for mold and mildew to grow; any time that passes after that only gives the problem time to get worse. The longer you wait to call a restoration company, the more dangerous the problem becomes for you and your family.

Water damage can become destructive. When you call a restoration company, experts know exactly where to look for problems that you might not have noticed. Furthermore, professionals have all of the knowledge and equipment necessary to completely restore your home.

Fire Damage

A fire can greatly damage your home and property. Smoke can destroy your property and other personal items. Additionally, soot can damage walls and other items that weren’t even touched by the flames of the fire.

Fires can be devastating for you and your family. You could lose valuable items and memories. The damage can also cost you a lot of money in restoring and replacing the items that were damaged beyond repair. Calling a restoration company immediately can help to mitigate the damage. Professionals can restore your belongings that have been damaged, in addition to removing soot and the smell of smoke.

Severe Storm Damage

Storms are unpredictable and can occur at just about any time. They can also cause high winds, lightning, and flooding. Your home is also at risk of being damaged by falling trees, limbs and power lines.

Any openings in your home caused by the storm are a major threat to your home. These openings can allow animals and water to get into your home. Additionally, this also makes it easier for individuals to burglarize your home. Calling a restoration company immediately can prevent further damage. A team of professionals will be able to quickly restore your home and prevent water damage.


Any time your home experiences damage, it is essential to call a restoration company immediately. The longer you wait, the more severe the damage can become. Calling a restoration company can save you time and money, and also help bring you peace of mind. Water damage, fire damage, and storm damage all require the assistance of a restoration company. To learn more about when you should call a restoration company, visit American Water and Fire Restoration.

Fire Restoration

Why Fire Restoration Should Start Right Away

A fire can cause severe damage to your home. After the fire has been put out, you might be left wondering what to do next. The answer is to call a fire restoration company. A team of fire restoration professionals can help to restore your home and have your life back to normal. Here’s why it is important to call a restoration team immediately after a fire.

Hidden Problems

Fire damage comes in many forms. This can include smoke stains and wall discoloration. However, ash and soot can be hidden in places that you might not be able to see. It can be hidden in places such as air conditioning vents and spaces behind walls.

A team of fire restoration experts will be able to quickly and effectively clean problem areas. If these places are not thoroughly cleaned immediately, it can cause a lingering odor. It can also cause health risks and a decrease in the quality of indoor air.

Eliminate Smells and Odors

Removing the smell of smoke is a difficult part of the fire restoration process. This is because particles of soot can get into parts of a building that are hard to access. If these areas are not properly cleaned, it can cause an odor that is hard to get rid of and can last up to several months.

Furthermore, the debris may contain dangerous substances such as carbon monoxide, benzene, and chemicals that come from burned plastics. The earlier a restoration team is able to begin the restoration process, the more chances they have of completely getting rid of the particles and substances that cause odor and pose a risk to your health.

Reduce Cost

Another reason you should call a fire restoration company immediately is because they can decrease the fire damage and other problems that may arise. Additionally, quick restoration can reduce the chance of structural damage being caused to your home.

Also, if damaged windows, walls, and roofs are not repaired quickly, it can allow thieves into your home. Trespassers can easily steal your personal belongings and cause more damage to your home and property. Calling a fire restoration team immediately can reduce the amount of fire damage and save you money at the same time. The more damage you are able to prevent, the less money you will have to spend.

There are many reasons why you should call a fire restoration company as soon as possible. Not only will it save you money, but it will also reduce the amount of fire damage that is done to your home. A team of experts will be able to get rid of any lingering smells caused by the build-up of ash and soot. They will also be able to get into and clean hard-to-reach places. Additionally, there may be hidden areas of your home where smoke and soot can build up. Professionals know exactly where to look for this kind of build-up and will have your home and life back to normal as soon as possible. If your house has had a fire, call the professionals at American Fire and Water Restoration today!

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Prevent a Fire, Clean Your HVAC

When was the last time you cleaned out the dust from your HVAC system? If you haven’t done it recently, you are putting your home at risk. HVAC systems that are not cleaned regularly can collect and build up dust and other particles in the air, which can cause a fire. Air ducts are often an ignored feature of the home. As long as they are working well, they are left alone. However, by ignoring your HVAC and the dust accumulating there, you could be putting your home and family at risk.


How Does a Fire Start in Your HVAC?


Once it accumulates, dust can be incredibly flammable. Dust only needs a spark of energy or to be on a very hot surface for it to ignite. And once a flame has started, it can be hard to put it out. For one thing, the fire starts in an unseen part of your house, so it can strengthen a great deal before you are aware of it. The fire can travel through your HVAC system feeding on the buildup that is in there until it becomes hot or strong enough to escape the system.


How Do I Know if There’s a Buildup?


Dust works silently and stealthily. It can feel like one day there was no dust at all and then you turn around and there is a large buildup of it. The easiest way to know if you have dust built up in your system is to look at your air vents. Is there dust on or in the slats? If there is, it can mean there is a larger build up further inside the system. You can also check the air registers and the filter to see if there is dust sitting in them. Cleaning out the buildup will not only prevent a fire, but it will also help your system run better.


How Do I Remove Buildup?


Your cleaning method will have to depend on how excessive the buildup is. If there is only a small amount of dust built up, you can clean it out yourself. The way to clean your HVAC yourself is much like any other kind of dusting. You’ll want to turn your fan on so that the dust moves once you’ve dislodged it and doesn’t immediately resettle. You can dislodge the dust with a broom and some sweeping. You can also wash your filter and remove the dust from your air registers. However, if there is a lot of dust in your system, you should call a professional service to ensure that all of the dust is removed.

Your HVAC system has the potential to be a silent killer, but you can prevent danger. Ensure the safety of your family and home by not ignoring your air ducts. Regular maintenance can make all the difference. Allow us at American Fire & Water Restoration help you prevent a fire starting from dust in your HVAC. Give us a call at (847) 514-9305.

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How to Prevent an Electrical Fire

Preventing an electrical fire and the fire damage that comes along with it is possible. There will always be accidents, but there are a number of measures you can take to help save your family and home. Most electrical safety and fire prevention methods are common sense, but it is important to actually practice them. Everyone knows you shouldn’t plug too many things into one outlet, but do we anyway? Appliances tend to straddle the line between safe and unsafe, and that is often ignored. And simply knowing the capacity of your home’s electrical system could help prevent fire damage. If you would like three reminders on how you can prevent an electrical fire, read on.


Over-Burdened Outlets


Whether in the kitchen, TV room, or bedroom, certain outlets always seem to be the favorite. There’s the outlet that’s in the perfect spot for all the TV appliances or the bedside outlet that needs to provide you with light, phone and computer charging, and whatever other odd things you can think of. The reality is that certain outlets get overused, while others see no use at all. You risk overextending an outlet when you add just one more plug to an already crowded outlet. An outlet that is continually overused will go the way of most overworked things, it will burn out.


Appliance Safety


Appliance safety is an important part of preventing electrical fires. You should unplug small appliances like toasters and crock pots when they’re not in use. For bigger appliances, make sure the hook-up you have is generating the correct amount of electricity. And of course, make sure that all electric appliances stay far away from water. Practicing these few safety measures can save you, your family, and your home.


Check for Bad Wiring


A common problem with older homes is old wiring. If you have an older home or are looking to buy one, it is advised that you hire a professional to inspect the electrics. Old wiring is not always detrimental, but it is better to know what you are working with as a precaution. Knowing you have old wiring can help you strategically plan your outlet use. Also, if you know you have old wiring, you can choose to have it replaced. Knowing what is in your house is always the best course of action.


For the most part, preventing an electrical fire is common sense. If you take care of your electrical system and appliances, you are less likely to experience an electrical fire. However, not all fires and fire damage can be prevented. In some circumstances, preventative measures just don’t stop the problem. If you are in this situation and have experienced the damaging effects of an electrical fire, you are not alone. American Fire & Water Restoration is here to help you restore your home. Give us a call at (847) 514-9305.

What You Need to Know About Fire Damage

Fire damage and the aftermath of a fire can be devastating to you and your home. There can be all different types of damage. Water and fire retardants can seep into your belongings and walls. Smoke can permeate the space, soaking into the surfaces and leaving stains. Debris has the potential of being hazardous. As the smoke clears, here are some things that you should know going forward.

Water Damage

In the wake of a fire, you may not be thinking about water damage but it is there. The water and chemical agents used to put the fire out can leave lasting damage to your home and belongings as well. These liquids can seep into your furniture, flooring, rugs, drapes, structural components, and personal belongings. If not cleaned and sanitized properly, all affected items can be ruined. The chemicals used can also be dangerous if ingested or in regular contact with. So once the fire is out, make sure you are conscious of the damage water and other liquids can be inflicting on your home.

Smoke and Odor Removal

Depending on the type of fire, the smoke and odor left behind will be different. If not removed and cleaned properly, smoke and odor can permeate into your home. It can soak into the walls, furniture, carpets, and personal belongings. This can leave stains along with residual odor. Smoke is hard to get rid of and can be an unpleasant reminder of the fire. Health concerns also have to be considered when continually breathing in smoke. It is for these and other reasons that it’s important for you to ensure that the smoke and odor are completely removed from your home after a fire.

Call a Professional

There is so much to do in the wake of a fire. There are calls to be made, insurance claims to file, living arrangements to be organized, and countless other things. You want your home and belongings to get the best care and to be restored as quickly as possible. The best thing to do in this situation is to call in the professionals. A quick response restoration team can be on site before you know it, accessing damage and causes, creating restoration plans, and getting to work. The professionals have a better understanding of what needs to be done. It will also give you more time to focus on the other tasks needing to be done.

Fires happen when you least expect them and the damage they leave is overwhelming. There are countless things to do and think about in the wake of a fire. However, how you are going to get your house back to normal and who is going to do the work don’t have to be questioned. Give us at American Fire and Water Restoration a call at (847) 514-9305. Our quick response restoration will be on site within 90 minutes 24/7. We can help you remove the fire damage and restore your home to what it was before the fire.

Signs You Need to Have Your Home’s Ductwork Cleaned 

How do you know if your ductwork needs to be cleaned? When was the last time it was cleaned? Does it ever need to be cleaned? Are there risks if you don’t clean your ducts out? The air ducts in most houses are an ignored system. No one thinks about the little tunnels that bring the hot and cold air into the room unless they aren’t working. The problem with ignoring the maintenance of your ductwork is that things can build up inside of them. This build-up can come from water damage, dust, or fire damage.

Water Damage

Water damage to your home can come in many forms and can have unexpected consequences. Excess water in unwanted areas creates a perfect environment for mold to grow. If you have recently fixed leaking pipes, or any type of water problem located near your air ducts, mold might be growing. Mold spores will easily travel through the pushed air system to other areas of the system. Soon you can have a big mold problem that is invisible. However, that spreading mold is affecting the quality of the air you are breathing. Mold when continually breathed in can result in an array of symptoms, sneezing, skin irritations, irritation of the eyes and throat, nasal congestion, coughing, pneumonia, asthma attacks, and migraines. All of a sudden your little water damage problem has turned into a health problem.


Dust is a common build-up in ductwork as it is in our air. However, in large quantities dust build-up can do some serious damage to your home. First of all, it can inhibit your system from working optimally, blocking the hot or cold air from traveling through the system. Breathing dust in constantly is also not good for your health, causing respiratory problems and irritation. Finally, dust build-up can lead to a fire. Dust only needs a spark of energy or a moment on a very hot surface for it to ignite. You can easily check if your ducts have collected dust by removing a vent cover and seeing if there is dust inside, and checking the air registers or the filter.

Fire Damage

If there has been a fire in your home, or if the previous owner smoked inside a lot, there could be residual smoke in the ductwork. Smoke not only smells bad but it is also a health risk. Once again, your respiratory system is at risk if there is smoke in your ducts. Fire damage is not only a surface-level problem, so the treatment of it shouldn’t be either. If you know or believe there has been fire damage in your home, make sure the ductwork has been cleaned. Your nose will thank you.

Air ducts do a lot of work for us and they should not be overlooked. Keep your home and family safe by keeping the air running through it clean. Especially if you have experienced water or fire damage or suspect a dust build-up, it’s time to clean your ducts. Let us at American Fire & Water Restoration help you ensure the air you are breathing is the healthiest it can be. Give us a call at (847) 514-9305.