Our Step-by-Step Process to Basement Water Removal

Not all water in your house is welcome. Whether you have flooding from a storm, a broken sump pump, broken water heater, or burst pipes, it is important to get the water out as soon as possible. By calling the professionals as soon as you discover the water, you will minimize the damage. American Fire & Water Restoration has a step-by-step process to quickly and effectively provide basement water removal.

Safety First

Our first concern is safety for all. Once on site, we will take the necessary precautions. We’ll shut off the electricity and put on hazard suits. After that, we can find the source of the water and stop the supply.

Access Damage

Once we have stopped the water source, we’ll assess the damage to your basement. We make this assessment through the amount of standing water, levels of absorption into walls, insulation, flooring, carpets, furniture, and your other belongings. We examine all surfaces and determine what will need specialized drying procedures, such as hardwood, concrete, and brick.

Identify the Type of Water

Flood water is categorized differently and it is important for us the determine what type of water you have. The type of water will determine how many and what kind of contaminants and bio-hazards are in it. After identifying the type of water you have in your basement, we will create the right removal, cleaning, and sanitizing plan.

Remove the Water

With our plan in place, we will move forward to remove the water. Our state-of-the-art water removal system carries the water from your basement right to our truck. This means the water can’t contaminate any of your other belongings or surfaces. We conduct this process quickly to minimize your inconvenience.

Remove Belongings

Once the water is gone, we can remove damaged belongings and debris. Any items that are able to be saved will also be removed to be cleaned elsewhere. We will take care of properly disposing of the non-salvageable items. Anything we can save we will inventory, clean, sanitize, and restore.

Dry It Out

Once all your belongings are removed, we can dry out the basement. This step is vital because if the space is not dried out completely, mold can infest your basement. We use high-powered air movers, fans, drying panels, and dehumidifiers to remove all dampness. If possible we might also open doors and windows to allow the sun and the wind help. No matter what we use, the result is a completely dry basement.

Clean It Up

We then clean your basement completely. We’ll use special cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing products to make sure there is no trace of the flood. Special mold-specific products will be used in any areas that are susceptible to mold to prevent any growth.

Restore to Normal

It is our goal to restore your basement to its pre-flood conditions. We can provide construction services to help you rebuild your basement to what it once was. No matter the damage, we can help bring your basement back to its normal state.

If your basement floods there is no time to waste. Give American Fire & Water Restoration a call. We can remove the water from your basement and take care of all the damage the water might have caused. We’re here to help 24/7. Call us, (847) 514-9305.