Our Step-By-Step Contents Restoration

If a flood, fire, mold, wind, or ice have invaded your home, you’ll need content restoration. The damage left behind can be widespread and overwhelming. Once American Fire and Water Restoration’s quick response restoration team is on site, we can start the process of restoring your entire home. The damage doesn’t just affect walls, structure, or flooring; it affects your personal belongings as well. We know the things in your home are special and important to you. That is why we have a contents restoration process set in place. We will care for your belongings as if they’re our own. Here is our step-by-step contents restoration process.

Organize and Pack

The first thing we will do is look over all of the affected belongings and organize them. We take photos of all your belongings and where they go in your home. This is so we can return them to their proper place once restored. Then we inventory all of the contents to ensure that no piece is forgotten or misplaced. After this, your belongings will carefully be packed up and readied for travel.

Transport and Store

All belongings that are removed from your home will be taken to our secure storage location. This is where your items will wait to be cleaned and restored to their original condition. They will also be stored here while your home is being repaired and renovated. While your home is being repaired, you don’t want your belongings to be sitting around getting dirty. Our storage facility is perfect to ensure that everything is restored and clean before your belongings come home.

Restore and Return

We use state-of-the-art procedures to clean your belongings, depending on what type of damage they sustained. This is a personal item-by-item process in which your belongings are cared for like our own. We give your electronics, fur, books, paperwork, and fine art the specialized treatments they need. Once everything has been restored to its original condition and your home is ready, we bring your belongings home. With the help of our photos, we return all of your belongings to their rightful place. We take special care to make sure no damage is inflicted on your belongings or home during this last step.

When cleaning and restoring our customers’ belongings, we make sure to give every item personalized attention and care. We understand that these are more than just items; they are your personal belongings. We do everything from vacuuming, dry cleaning, wet cleaning, hand cleaning, deodorizing, degreasing, and polishing. And if any of your belongings need re-upholstering or refinishing, we can do that as well. We understand the stress that comes with a disaster hitting your home is overwhelming. That is why we are here to help you. American Fire and Water Restoration can be on site within 90 minutes of your call, 24/7. There is no need to give up on your belongings after a disaster. Give us a call at (847) 514-9305 and we’ll care for your belongings like they’re our own.

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