Signs of a Sewer Line Problem

A sewer line problem is not one you want to have in your home. However, how do you know if your system is progressing towards a problem or already has one? There are many signs of there being sewer line problems. Here are a few of the signs that you can be looking out for. As always, it is better to be watchful and catch the problem before it gets too bad.


Sewage Backups and Blockages


If your toilets, sinks, and other drains regularly backup that is a sign that the system is not working correctly. The water and debris should be able to move through the line smoothly. If there is a build up in the system backups and blockages will occur. This is an easy way to spot signs of a bigger problem, and one that shouldn’t be ignored.


Sewer Gas Smell


Being able to smell sewer in and around your house is a sure sign that there is a problem. Sewer systems are built to be airtight and to move downhill, so if you’re able to smell sewage that is a problem. There is most likely a crack somewhere in your sewer system if you can smell sewage. Not only is the smell unpleasant enough to get you to call help but you don’t want to crack to get bigger!


Extra Green Grass Patches


You may be wondering why certain patches of your grass are suddenly greener and lusher. Sewage is a great fertilizer. Sewage leaks under your yard can create extra lush and green grass on the surface. Though the extra fertilization may be welcome to the appearance of the lawn the leaking sewage won’t be if it starts building up or pooling. So if you haven’t been fertilizing or water your lawn extra but it continues to get greener and lusher take that as a sign something else is fertilizing it.


Slow Drainage


This is a complaint many women with long hair have. However, if the sinks, drains, and toilets continue to drain slowly after multiple attempts to clean the line there could be a bigger problem. A blockage could be forming somewhere in the line. Issues such as root growth, channeling, and cracks can lead to slow draining lines. If your drains consistently drain slowly it is time to look into further problems as this is only a symptom.


The signs of a problem in your sewer line are definitely noticeable. The key is to not ignore them once you start seeing them. If one or more of these symptoms is happening regularly it is time to take action and call in the professionals before it gets worse. Give American Fire and Water Restoration a call, we’ll help you identify fix your sewer line problem. Sewage is not something you should ignore. Call us, (847) 514-9305. We’ll do the dirty work.

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