Insurer or American Fire and Water Restoration: Who Do I Call First?

In the wake of a fire, there can be a lot of stress and questions. You want to be as efficient as possible so that you can get back into your home. However, you need to make sure you let the important people know about the fire. So who do you call first, your insurer or American Fire and Water Restoration? Listed below are steps to making the calls and getting back into your home as soon as possible.

Call Your Insurer

Call your insurance first and let them know of the incident. Your insurance will guide you through the process of starting a claim. An inspector will have to come out to your home to make a report. The report will be part of your fire claim. Your insurance can also help you work through the aftermath of a fire, such as where to stay and how to keep all your information in order. The agent may also advise you on who to call next in the process.

Call American Fire and Water Restoration

After informing your insurer of the fire, it’s time to call American Fire and Water Restoration. Our team understands how overwhelming the aftermath of a fire can be. We can be on site in 90 minutes ready to start the process of getting back in your home. Once on site, we will develop a unique fire remediation plan specific to your needs and the damage. With that plan, we are able to prepare an estimate using the insurance company preferred software, Xactimate. This estimate you can give to your insurer as you continue your claim. We can also directly communicate with your insurance to streamline the process for you.

Let Us Restore Your Home

Once inspections are done and our estimate is accepted, we will get to work restoring your home. We will remove debris and items that are too damaged to be repaired. All salvageable items will be inventoried and removed to be cleaned. At this point, we will extract all standing water to minimize the damage it can do to your belongings. Once the water is removed, we will clean and sanitize the area. There is then a drying and dehumidifying process that ensures that mold doesn’t infest your home in the aftermath. We can also provide general contracting services should your home require it. Our goal is to restore your home to its pre-fire condition painlessly for you.

The aftermath of a fire is overwhelming and stressful, so let us give you peace of mind. Once you have started your fire claim we can take over the process. Getting you back into your home safely is our priority. After a fire, make the important calls. Call your insurer and then call your friends at American Fire and Water Restoration. We’ll be there for you quickly and every step of the way. Give us a call at (847) 514-9305.

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