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Is It Biohazardous?

Not all water is created equal. On this blog, we have said a number of times that it can be unsafe to clean up water damage yourself because of the origin of the water. Depending on where the water came from and how long it has sat, it can be biohazardous. Attempting to clean up biohazardous water on your own can compromise your health and the safety of anyone coming in contact with the water or water damaged goods. Due to the risks, here is what you need to know about potentially biohazardous water.

Flood Waters

When water from the outdoors starts flooding your space, you have to be careful. You don’t know where the water came and what could potentially be in it. The water could be full of chemicals, dangerous particles, or harmful debris. By trying to clean up this kind of water, you are putting yourself in harm’s way. You also run the risk of causing further damage to your belongings. This kind of water can cause serious water damage if not disposed of and cleaned up after properly. Water doesn’t have to look murky to be dangerous.

Sewage Problems

If there are sewage problems in your home or in your area, it can contaminate other water. Sewage water can cause a lot of problems for your health and home. There are bacteria and other biohazards contained within sewage that can be incredibly harmful to anyone exposed to them. There are other things to consider in the case of a sewage leak as well. Sometimes there isn’t an easy fix, especially with biohazardous materials at hand. Sometimes the whole system needs to be replaced. Therefore, to save time and protect against health risks when dealing with sewage you should bring in professionals immediately.

Safety and Cleanup

Regardless of what type of biohazardous water you are dealing with, it is dangerous to attempt to clean it up on your own. Professionals have the experience and equipment to take care of this situation. Restoration teams will wear hazmat suits to protect themselves from the sickness and other health risks. They also have special equipment that guarantees the safety of your health and possessions during the extraction and cleaning process. All of the contaminated water in a space needs to be removed, cleaned, sanitized and dried for the space to be safe again. If even dampness is left it could have drastic results. For the safety of your health and home, biohazardous water needs to be taken seriously.

Flooding is never a welcome situation and the potential risk of biohazardous water makes it worse. Furthermore, it amplifies water damage and the health risks of the situation. If you are unsure where the water came from or if it is safe, call the professionals. It is not worth risking your health. The safety of your family and home should be your first concern. When the water is questionable, don’t question what to do. Call a restoration team. American Fire and Water Restoration is ready to help 24/7. Give us a call at (847) 514-9305.

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