Water Restoration

How Long Does Water Restoration Take?

Knowing how long water restoration takes can give you some peace of mind after your home has been damaged by water. There are several things that determine how long the restoration process will take. This includes the type of damage and how severe the damage is. Here are some things that will determine how long your water restoration will take:

What Repairs Need to Be Made

Before restoration experts begin repairing the damage to your home, there are a few things that they have to consider. First, they will have to determine the amount of water involved. It is faster and easier to repair minor damage than major damage. Also, they will have to consider the length of moister exposure. The longer that your home has been exposed to moisture, the long the water restoration process will take.

Furthermore, professionals will have to identify which materials were affected. Water restoration work varies depending on different structural components. For example, wood floors are likely to suffer from more damage than stone floors.

Different Types of Damage

How long the water restoration process will take also depends on the type of damage that has been done to your home. Experts must always check for mold and mildew. If water has been allowed to set to several days, it is likely that mold and mildew have began to grow. It usually takes around seven days to remove the mold and mildew.

The next thing they will look for is damaged floors. Some types of floors are more likely to suffer from damage than other, like wood and porous concrete floors. The floor replacement process can take anywhere between four and ten days.

Additionally, water damage can cause paint to peel and this will have to be restored as well. Depending on the amount of water damage, repainting a room can take up to several hours. Furthermore, it will take an extra day or two if your walls must be repaired before they can be painted.

Next, professionals will check any wood structural components. Beams and columns that are made of wood are likely to warp or begin to break down if they are exposed to water damage. However, these repairs usually only take an extra day or two.


There are many things that must be considered before the water restoration process can begin. Professionals must assess the damage and determine what kind of repairs need to be made. Additionally, they must determine how much and what kind of damage has been done. The length of the process will depend on the types of damage and how severe the damage is. To learn more about water restoration, visit American Fire and Water Restoration.

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